Team awards announced at 2018 Football Banquet

Celebrating a wonderful 2018 season.

By Matt Chinander November 18, 2018 at 8:00pm

Sunday evening at West Branch High School was the Football Team Banquet to recognize and celebrate the wonderful accomplishments of the 2018 team.

In attendance were coaches, players, managers, the cheer squad, and parents to celebrate the season with an evening of wonderful food, memories, and awards.

The evening began with a potluck of delicious food provided by players and their families. After a trailer for the upcoming Highlight Film was premiered, the Junior Varsity, Varsity, and Cheer squads handed out awards. See below for the list of those awards and the 2019 team captains.

2019 Team Captains

Trey Eagle, Wyatt Goodale, Dakota Kaalberg, Tanner Lukavsky, and Matt Paulsen.

Varsity Awards

Offensive Back (Wayne Rummells memorial): Beau Cornwell
Offensive Lineman: Jaden Hierseman
Receiver: Brett Schiele
Defensive Lineman: Jeff Bowie and Drake Bloem
Linebacker: John Hatfield
Defensive Back: Wyatt Goodale
Weight Room Lifter: Beau Cornwell, Zach Thompson, Jack Robertson
Most Improved Player (Brian Hoffman memorial): Javier Zamudio
Special Team: Brady Lukavsky
Best Team Player (Norman Pedersen memorial): Beau Cornwell, John Hatfield
Scout Team Player: Nathan Swisher-Hintz
Coach’s Appreciation: Levi Kleinmeyer, Zach Thompson
Mr. Versatility: Matt Paulsen
Bear Award: Jack Robertson
MVP (Chad Gates memorial): Tanner Lukavsky

Junior Varsity Awards

Sloberknocker: Dominick Culver
Best offensive back: Gavin Hierseman
Best receiver: Cael Fiderlein
Pancake award (best offensive lineman): Jack Boul
Best defensive line: Jack Boul
Outlaw (best linebacker): Emery Hazelwood
Assassin (defensive back): Cael Fiderlein
Special teams: Cael Fiderlein
Grizzly (most improved): Peyton Miller
Predator (best weight room participant): Kelby Burger
Bear Way (best teammate): Gavin Hierseman
Polar Bear (coach’s appreciation): Kelby Burger
MVP: Gavin Hierseman