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How to support the website, BearCast, and Podcast.

The team is often told that they easily have the best high school football website in the state of Iowa, and some even goes as far as saying it's better than many college team websites. We are truly humbled by this and take great pride in knowing that thousands of people visit the website each month to check in with the team we are deeply passionate about. The work put into the website comes purely from our love of West Branch Football and the great community tradition that it is.

We wish that time was the only resource dedicated to the website but unfortunately that's not the case. There are also monetary resources necessary to keep the lights on in the den and updated each week with the latest news or video highlights of your favorite player’s big catch or run. There are also expenses to get the BearCast on air so that no matter where you are in the world, you and hundreds of other fans can listen to West Branch Football games on Friday nights.

These expenses include website domain names, website servers, camera and audio equipment, streaming service subscription, and much more. Thankfully, most, if not all, of the incurred costs are covered by our sponsors and generous private donations from people in our community just like you. We take great pride in not drawing from the football activity or school funds.

Using the button below, please consider donating to the website. While you can make a one-time donation, we would be very appreciative if you enabled a monthly recurring donation to continue your support automatically. To do so, click "Make This Recurring" checkbox on PayPal's donation page linked below.

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By donating you are showing that you appreciate and support everything that the website offers and you are helping continue the creation of exciting content that can only be found on We greatly appreciate any support we can get to further improve the promotion of the great community tradition that is West Branch Football.

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